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About TYP


We’re The Young Professionals. Through sound, words, visuals and materials, we communicate with you, with others and with ourselves. Music is our passion, but we shatter the traditional mold – bonding electro-pop with graphic design, video, dance, fashion and architecture. The result is a digitized artistic landscape, a multi-sensory experience that sets stages across the world alight.

TYP extended the traditional band model to include graphic designers, web developers, performers and a variety of other professionals. This Frankenstein-esque mixture of artistic disciplines is all about the exploration of different aesthetic spheres.

TYP first stepped out onto the stage in 2011, at the Fresh Paint Contemporary Arts Fair. A nearby abandoned building became a canvas, a background on which a dazzling 3D video was projected during the set. Experimentation with unique video-mapping, catwalks and mind-boggling light shows characterize the live experience, and in the studio the duo puts in extra hours to create something truly unique.

The band’s debut album, “9AM to 5PM, 5PM to Whenever” went on international release in summer 2012, and has received wide-ranging critical acclaim. TYP has received back-to-back nominations for Best Israeli Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards, as well as one for Best European Act.