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About Berlin

Berlin, one of Europe’s most multi-cultural and electric metropolises, is home to thousands of writers, artists and musicians, and is a rapidly emerging Start-Up scene – as well as one the fastest-growing Jewish communities in the world. The city’s creativity and strong startup scene draw people from around the world, making it a truly fitting place to explore the future implications of innovation. 


Berlin is a capital is rich in culture. Visitors who come to Berlin from all over the world have some 1,500 events to choose from every day. The interplay of its eventful history and a vibrant creative scene which reinvents itself every day makes Berlin a fascinating and unique cultural metropolis in the heart of Europe: world-renowned museums and avant-garde galleries, virtuoso orchestras and electro beats, pop-up restaurants and gourmet festivals, prominent theatres and open-air acts – every day, every evening, every night is an event in Berlin!

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