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What is Leadel?

Leadel is a multi-generational sharing platform of inspiration for contemporary Jewish                                                           professionals

The Jewish world boasts an array of world-renowned academics, businessmen, artists, politicians, thinkers, and professionals--all whom have a wealth of valuable experiences to share. Leadel provides a portal into this underutilized resource of knowledge to advance th level of thought, action, and achievement amongst contemporary Jewish professionals. 

Inspiring young people's choices. Success is about making the right choices and seeing them through to fruition. Leadel offers the platform through which to be inspired and define your choices from that place. We open the circles of opportunity, openly and equally.

It's all about the choices people make. When we look back at success stories, we can understand which choices led to which place. Leadel offers successful people the opportunity to motivate and inspire by sharing the choices that made them who they are today. Those who made inspiring choices can now inspire others.


Advisory Board

Vladimir Kantor Chairperson, Leadel | Vice President, Corportae Development and Business Sustainability, Acron and Dorogobuzh

Arie Zuckerman Secretary General, The European Jewish Fund


Nimrod Buchman Campaign Manager and Strategic Consultant

Professor Israel (Izzy) Borovich Dean of The School of Management and Economics, The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo

Eitan Chityat Founder and CEO of natie

Moty Cristal CEO of NEST Consulting, Negotiation Strategies

Mati Gill Senior Director of Legal Operations, Regional Government, and Public Affairs for Asia and EMIA, Teva Pharmaceutical Indistries Ltd.

Ayelet Gottlieb-Trainin VP Business Development, Marom Philanthropy and Business Group

Karen Gilerman Harel Media and Communications

Yeal Hazut Director and Curator, Art Gallery "Beit Hagefen", The Arab Jewish Cultural Center of Haifa

Yifat Kariv Knesset Member on behalf of The Yeish Atid Party

Lea Landman Strategy Director at AGT International

Ayelet Nahmian-Verbin Corporate Governance

Daniel Recanati CEO Rhodium Private Investment Firm

Dr. Avshalom Reich Director General, The Tel-Aviv Educational& Cultural Corporation

Moty Ruham Governmental and Economic Consultant

Guy Shaulski Coordinator, Israel Friends of Reuth Medical & Rehabilitation Center

Daniel Shinar Vice President of Business Development, Clal Industries

Roy Shmuel Director of Corporate Development (M&A), Amdocs

Eran Sion Director of E-Commerce, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Avner Warner Director of Economic Development, Global City & Tourism, Municipaity of Tel Aviv-Yafo

Gil Weiser Chairman, BGN Technologies

Ron Werber Senior Political Strategist and Campaigner 

Michael Vole Director of the Young Adults Unit, Tel Aviv-Yafo



Tamar Shchory CEO, Leadel | Vice President, The World Jewish Congress

Laura Himmelstein Program Director, Leadel